Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Today I got my BOOT!

I start physical therapy next week.  I have to go three days a week.  What a bummer, but it's whatever it takes for me to walk again.  

I will make it a point to do at least one post a week until I get things in order again. It's so much going on with the re-organization of my home, my foot and getting back on schedule for when I start back working next month.  So... please be patient with me while I go through this brief journey.  

In the meantime, if you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, please feel free to post below.  I will return your message and continue providing great information for the Domestica Diva in you!

Happy Wednesday!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Lever Card - YouTube

I love crafting, especially paper crafting.  I saw this video a couple of weeks ago and said as soon as I get up and walking, I am going to start back crafting by making this card.

Check it out:


Also, you should really visit . It's very helpful and every paper crafters love! Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The World of Whisks

Since I have been recovering from my injury, I have been really getting into cooking.  I have noticed that cooking is like crafting, you need certain tools to make your task complete.  I have always been curious about the "whisk".  Growing up, the only whisk I knew about was the basic balloon whisk.  I remember growing up watching my mom use this for her baking and scrambled egg needs.  
Ballon Whisk
So, what is the purpose of the balloon whisk?  From what I researched, it's good for making air into bowls of egg whites and cream.  For example, I saw my mom use it for cake batters and whipped creams.  You can also use it for dry ingredients to break up large bits in flour, baking powder salt, etc.  This can eliminate the use of a sifter. And I must admit, I love those and think that every kitchen should have one.

I have researched and came across some of the most interesting whisks.  Some of them are used for certain types of preparations.  So on that note, I found a site that should be helpful in providing knowledge about whisks.  You can also make a purchase or find one you like and see if you can find it at your local department/cooking store.  Check out Fante's "Which Whisk is Which?" for more information on types of whisks.

Little known cooking history fact:  Did you know that Julia Child made the balloon whisk famous?